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191DC -- Stingray 191DC from Boat Guide Canada (2016/05)
"Adding the 191DC to its lineup was an excellent move by Stingray. Offering a respectable balance of space, performance, and affordability, it is sure to catch the interest of existing runabout owners who are looking to upgrade to a larger-sized vessel for entertaining."

191DC -- It's a Stingray! from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (2016/03)
"Simply put, the STINGRAY 191DC Deck Boat gives you the best of both worlds — the open layout of a traditional deck boat AND the wind protection you get from a sport boat with a full windshield."

191DC -- STINGRAY 191DC from Boating Magazine (2015/12)
"Leave it to STINGRAY Boats to bring out an entirely new deck boat, power it with an economical Mercury 90 hp four-stroke, and get rocking performance."


Company -- Family fun from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (2019/03)
"Stingray Boats is proudly celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019."

Company -- 35 Years of Stingray from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (2015/03)
"STINGRAY uses the same materials as other builders, but they provide their customers a great value by building quality, craftsmanship, performance, and efficiency into every STINGRAY model."

Company -- STINGRAY Boats for the Great Lakes from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (2014/05)
"Stingray has been a player in the Great Lakes area for years, but the brand is continuing to grow as more and more customers realize that Stingray gives them more boat for their dollars, without compromising on features, styling, and performance."

Company -- Under Control from Professional BoatBuilder (2009/12)
"...his web based computer network, developed to monitor every aspect of the company's operation, is arguably the most advanced system in American boat manufacturing."

Company -- Full Disclosure from Go Boating (2007/05)
"There's more to building boats than meets the eye."


Engines -- Big Power, Small Package from Boating Life (2009/03)
"We could see the skier benefit immediately. Set your throttle position, and the electronic throttle will manage the drag of sharply turning skiers without any manual adjustment."


Technology -- The Hull Truth from Boating Life (2008/01)
"Stingray, which introduced its CAD-designed and patented hull in 1989, knows plenty about the pluses and minuses of the V-bottom boats with lifting strakes."


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