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Trailer Boats - February 2004s
Story and Photos by Jim Hendricks

Stingray 195LR

When I climb aboard a runabout powered by a V-6 sterndrive, I don't expect much. After all, what kind of speed would you expect from a 4.3L in a boat such as Stingray's new 195LR? Fifty, maybe 55 mph?

How does 60 mph sound?

That's right — the Volvo Penta 225 hp 4.3L GXi/SX propelled this 19 1/2 footer to nearly 60 mph, while turning a 21-inch stainless Laser three-blade prop. Acceleration was decent, with an average of 0-to-30 mph time of just under 8 seconds.

Stingray 195LR

Credit for the performance must be given to Stingray's next-generation Z-plane hull. It is undoubtedly one of the most efficient planing hulls on the market today. In our testing on South Carolina's Lake Robinson near Stingray's headquarters in Hartsville, I was amazed at how well the bowrider lifted at speed. A new aft-extended running surface lets the 195LR really "hang out," even with as little as 225 hp.

The new Stingray also handles exceptionally well. Thanks to a healthy reverse on the chines, it holds superbly even in hard turns at top speed.

Another new feature of this hull is a molded-in rub rail between the conventional rub rail and the waterline. This fiberglass structure is broken only by a distinctive new name plate at the halfway point. It is designed to lend additional structural strength, as well as protect the rest of the hull when docking.

Stingray's 195LR is also very comfortable. It features non-removable cockpit carpeting, twin swiveling bucket seats, U-shaped cockpit seating and a spacious aft sunpad. Under the hinged sunpad is a cavernous engine bay that provides outstanding service access.


Base Price (w/o trailer):  $17,460
Length:    19'6"
Beam:    7'6"
Weight:    2577 lbs.
Fuel Capacity:    21 gals.
Max. Horsepower:    260

T E S T   R E S U L T S
Engine Speed Fuel Range
(rpm) (mph) (gph) (mpg) (miles)
1000 5.5 1.3 4.2 79
1500 7.1 2.0 3.5 66
2000 9.3 3.5 2.6 49
2500 26.6 4.3 6.2 117
30002 36.1 6.3 5.7 108
3500 42.8 8.2 5.2 98
4000 50.1 10.8 4.6 87
4500 56.1 14.4 3.4 64
4850 (WOT) 59.4 18.5 3.2 60
1Based on 90% fuel capacity
2Optimum cruising speed

Both thickly padded bow loungers lift up to reveal an enormous amount of storage space. A built-in cooler is situated in the forepeak. You will find additional storage in an in-sole ski locker, as well as on either side of the engine and cockpit side trays.

A padded steering wheel and full instrumentation (which is set in a durable, attractive aluminum plate) enhance the driving experience. The 195LR we tested also featured a Kenwood AM/FM/CD four-speaker stereo.

After a full day of driving the 195LR, about the only element I found missing was an armrest for my right arm, which was getting sore from jockeying this rocket of a boat around Lake Robinson.

If you are looking for a lot of boat for the money, check out Stingray's new 195LR. Base engine is a 135 hp 3.0L, but if you want to fly, upgrade to the 225 hp 4.3L. You will not be disappointed.

Jim Hendricks
Trailer Boats Magazine


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