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Stingray 200LX

Lakeland Boating - November/December 2000

Stingray 200LX

Hartsville, South Carolina is home to Stingray Powerboats, a company that has built upon its 20 years of experience to emerge as one of the leading independent boatbuliders in the nation.

With models such as the 200LX, Stingray is building on that momentum. This model is an astounding combination of value, workmanship and performance. Well-built, solidly rigged and a blast to drive, the 200LX is a five-star performer.

The two front bucket seats are mounted on swivel-slider pedestals. A full-width rear bench seat opens up to reveal a cavernous storage compartment. Additional storage is available in large, segmented areas in the engine compartment and in small pouches on the rear of the buckets.

The interior includes four integrated drink holders, a ventilated floor-mounted ski locker with a carpeted cover, and interior cockpit lighting. A molded dash houses a beautiful wood-grain panel with a full set of gauges and a series of rotary-style switches. Easily monitored dials are placed directly over the wheel, and controls are also easily accessed.

Performance is a given with Stingray, thanks to the company's ZP hull. The 200LX is a can't-miss selection for any powerboater.

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