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Stingray 220DS
Boating Life Magazine - March 2000

Stingray 220DS

Stingray's new 220DS blurs the traditional lines between deck boats, runabouts and performance sport boats. Like a luxury runabout, it features a curved glass windshield and high gunwales, wraparound cockpit seating that accommodates an integrated transom door and a burled woodgrain dash with full instrumentation. Because it rides on Stingray's patented Z-plane hull with a performance notched transom, the 220 also offers the speed and handling excitement of a sport boat — especially when equipped with the 5.7-liter engine.

At heart, however, the 220 remains a do-all, hold-all deck boat that boasts exemplary access and elbow room.

In addition to the hinged transom door, this boat provides three entry and exit points forward of the windshield. The nonskid bow boarding platform is accessed by molded steps and flanked by stainless-steel grab rails. In the center of the enlarged bow lounges, cutaway gunwale sections and foldaway railing sections on both sides of the boat provide additional dockside access. The bow area also accommodates a removable table.

The interior is finished in premium 32-ounce vinyl, with a low-maintenance fiberglass cockpit liner from bow to stern. In place of a traditional passenger-side dashboard, the 220 incorporates a wet bar, which is equipped with a cutting board, two storage lockers, a sink and a 17-gallon water tank coupled to a pressure-water system. A recess below the sink holds a removable 25-quart ice chest.

Lockers under bow and cockpit seats and a bow storage compartment supplement a large in-deck storage locker. The forward section of the driver's console encloses a locking compartment fitted with a portable toilet.

Swimmers are provided with a folding three-rung boarding ladder and an accompanying grab rail, as well as a built-in shower system. A full-width stainless grab rail set atop the transom facilitates movement along the platform.

The 220's Z-plane hull design not only enhances running performance, it also increases lift to provide faster acceleration. This feature allows the 220 to cruise comfortably on a 4.3-liter engine. Owners looking to pull skiers, however, should upgrade to at least the 5.0-liter V-8 and might want to consider one of the 5.7-liter options if they plan to tow a pair of adults while also carrying a full load of passengers.

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