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Stingray 190LX

Boating Life Buyer's Guide 2001 - Bowriders

" of the most exciting entry-level runabouts we've driven this year."

L Model Floor Storage Cockpit View Carpeted storage protects skis, and the helm is set up like a lounger.

Length Overall: 19'

Beam: 7' 6"

Test Boat Weight: 2,536 lb

Fuel Capacity: 38 gal

Load Capacity: 1,315 lb

Seating Capacity: 8

Test Engine: MerCruiser 4.3L 190HP Alpha 1

Test Prop: Aluminum 23"

Boating Life Magazine
January/February 2001

2001 Stingray 190LX Stingray's 190LX is one of the most exciting entry-level runabouts we've driven this year. After driving it, we believe there must be something to the patented hull design they call "Z-Plane."

The Z-Plane design calls for lifting strake profiles that are integrated into the hull's planing surface rather than added to the top of it — as are traditional strakes. As a result, chine tripping is eliminated and even the most aggressive turns are possible without that nasty sideways skipping that hard chines and strakes cause. More exciting, as a by-product, boat speed is increased impressively over boats of similar size and weight running on the same engine.

Fun is what boats are about and we had fun with the 190LX. You will, too. Swivel bucket seats hug the driver and passenger firmly in comfort — even in those tight turns. The windshield is perfectly positioned, giving clear vision for even a 6-foot-plus driver. Helm gauges are easily monitored without peering around the wheel.

Family and friends are treated with a comfortable bow seating area and a wide rear bench seat. And still, there's room for a comfy, sporty-looking sunpad.

An integrated swim platform and recessed ladder are perfect finishing touches to make this a super, easily trailerable island in the sun. As you look at the features on the boat, check out the sticker price, then put the 190LX on your short list.

Nice Touches - Reprinted from Boating Life
Chart scanned and reprinted from Boating Life Magazine - January 2001


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