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Do you feel the need for speed? If so, you wonít be able to pass by the 225SX. Itís smokiní, or sweet, depending on your generation. This boat screams speed, even while sitting quietly at the dock. And, it rides on Stingrayís next-generation Z-plane hull, which means its performance is hard to beat in its size class.

Stingrayís founder and president is a bit of a speed enthusiast. In fact, his love for fast cars inspired the design for this new sportboat, including the grated hood scoop and racing stripes that define its look.

When you put the throttle down, the 225SX pops on plane in seconds. Trimmed out at full throttle, only the last few feet of hull make contact with the water as it releases to reach max speed. The hull design ensures that it handles turns with agility. Simply put, this baby corners like itís on rails!

With the small block V8 power option, this sportboat approaches speeds in the mid 60ís. So, what are you waiting for? Contact your Stingray dealer to schedule your own test drive.


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