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Stingray Stories

The letters and stories that appear below were sent to us by Stingray owners. Considering that people typically only think to send a letter to a company when they have a problem to resolve, we are very pleased that most of the letters we receive are from satisfied owners of our boats.

We'd like to share some of these letters and stories with you, so if you're interested, take a look. See what Stingray owners have to say about their boats.

A. Forziati "They are truly ahead of their time with their production methods and care for the environment; nothing is wasted."

A. Lamchick "When I was looking for a newer boat, I walked into a Stingray dealer and knew I was a goner."

165 - W. Stewart "Keep up the quality. It pays off years down the road. The boat handles like a dream."

165 - B. Kirksey "The old 140 HP Merc just keeps on ticking..."

175 - D. Toner "My boat never even skipped a beat, never mind getting hot."

180 - L. Ezzio "Everything Iíve read about the boat has proven to be true, if not understated. "

180 - J. Bowman "Thank you for building such a tough, high performance boat. Great gas mileage too. It saved our vacation."

180 - R. Sexton "The superb handling and speed dominate my friends' boats."

180 - J. Scibelli "I am very happy with the speed and handling, not to mention the good looks."

180 - G. Lewis "Thanks for making a great boat - we look forward to many more years of boating with a Stingray!"

180 - B. & R. Klemish "We love the boat. Thanks for building such a solidly safe craft."

180 - Tom G. "I can't wait to put the boat back in the water."

190 - D. Anderson "Not ever seeing the actual boat, I bought it."

190 - T. Wildman "This boat leaves us with nothing to be desired."

190 - Williamson and Cox "For the money it is a better buy than any boat in its class."

190 - S. Toth "What is very impressive is the great fuel economy..."

190 - J. Kemp "People constantly comment on its quality and good looks, whether at the ramp or on the water."

190 - J. Esposito "It's a stopper for sure!"

190 - The Doubets "...has never missed a beat while running and we would recommend one to anybody."

190 - Ron in FL "Had it out over the weekend in some rough seas and it did great."

190 - Terry from GA "At that moment I knew I had the right boat."

190 - D. Kamenz "The compliments never stop and the performance is sweet!"

190 - D. Abraham "Every time we put it in the water is just like the first time."

190 - M. Falls "My Stingray is my fifth powerboat and without a doubt, the best boat I have owned."

190 - A. Forziati "I was so pleased with your product that I recently purchased my second Stingray..."

192 - B. Fellerman "I didn't see any boats in the price range of my Stingray that comes close to being comparable."

192 - L. Bayliss "With performance and economy like this, there was no debate as to our pick for 2000.

192 - C. Brandt "He was surprised when I told him it was the 3.0L four cylinder.

195 - L. Hall "...my wife and I had a blast last summer."

198 - Bob & Michele "Never once has it failed to start in 7 years and the mechanics are still good as new."

198 - Bill and Rosemary "This is our first boat and we looked at lots of new and used boats before deciding to buy this boat."

200 - P. Eichholz "This boat planed off faster than my previous boats when they were trimmed down!"

200 - C. VanDeBemt "When it was completed, even a PRO Fisherman was envious of my craft."

200 - M. Snell "We wanted a boat we could do everything with..."

200 - G. Martin "We love to show off our boat..."

200 - R. Adkins "I was very impressed with every facet of the boat's performance..."

200 - The Rocha Bunch "We have been very pleased with our lil cuddy cabin."

220 - J. & S. McQuiggan "My wife and I are very impressed with the layout and design of the LX with so many standard features that are optional on other boats."

220 - D. Abraham "Everywhere we go people comment on how well she planes out and glides across the water."

220 - K. B. Boozer "Quality in every detail, performance to spare."

220 - J. McCool "The name, "Enuff Stuff", on the back of the boat says it all."

220 - D. Smith "I think I will name it "BLUE BAYOU" or should it be "BLEW-BY-YOU"?"

220 - E. & D. Snyder "The boat still looks and operates like new."

220 - A. Rogers "It was even better than we expected."

220 - B. & M. Bridges "Thinking of another manufacturer? That would be a mistake."

220 - R. Dahmes, MD "The boat is user-friendly, reliable, comfortable, fast and economical."

220 - D. Watson "...we also noticed that your boats hold their value extremely well..."

230 - J. Davis "In short, it's a great craft and a nice upgrade for us."

230 - R. Elkins "...as they faded out of sight, left alone with the realization that they had been "STUNG AGAIN"."

230 - K. Tracy "The boat is a red rocket!"

240 - A. Marsden" "I don't have to think twice about heading out to open blue."

240 - Gary & Diane S. "The handling characteristics and simplicity of the systems made it easy to become comfortable with the boat."

240 - M. Kramer "The handling is fantastic."

536 - P. Becker "...it still looks great and I have never had a moments problem."

596 - Roger & Kimberly V. "This boat has treated us better than we could have imagined."

606 - H. Robinson "To all prospective buyers: you won't find a better value anywhere."

606 - D. Smith "I will be sure to look for another Stingray when it comes time to replace this one."

606 - Keith & Tia "I have never owned any consumer product that held up so well."

606 - R. Ivey "Your high quality product sells itself."

608 - D. & D. Reese "We love our 6 year old Stingray! It still looks and runs like new."

609 - R. Lawler "I will never own anything but Stingray."

658 - C. Bell "Hi, I am now purchasing my THIRD Stingray."

696 - M. Huggins "Whether I take a group of 10 people out for a cruise, or a couple buddies out for a hot run, it's very versatile, and the styling still looks great."

698 - M. Gatto "My cousin bought a brand new Baja for $60k and I smoked him."

729 - C. A. Bell "Quality and reliability have been excellent, and she really turns heads wherever I take her. "

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