Maintenance and Care Tips

inside of a 230LX

An important part to taking care of your Stingray (or any other boat) is making sure that you perform the recommended maintenance and care tips. The following sections will provide you with some of the most important information. For a more complete guide to taking care of your Stingray, refer to your Stingray Owner's Manual. At no time, should any of our recommendations (found here or in your Owner's Manual) take precedence over information found in your engine operator's manual.

Service/Maintenance Guide
Recommended maintenance schedule.

Exterior Care
Tips for caring for the exterior of your boat.

Tasks that should be completed before storing your boat for the winter season.

Winterizing Your MerCruiser

Gelcoat Color Codes
Gelcoat color codes for Spectrum Color and Cook's Composites, listed by model year.

Interior Care
Tips for caring for the interior of your boat.
Sunbrella® care information

A list of general problems that could occur and suggestions for things to check to resolve them.