Last July, my wife and I decided to buy our first boat. Initially, we looked at the 15 to 18 footers and all makes. Then, at a boat show, we boarded a 2001 240CS. It was love at first sight. It was fresh from the factory with zero hours. We were reluctant to buy such a big boat for our first, but after the lake test we knew we made the right decision. The handling characteristics and simplicity of the systems made it easy to become comfortable with the boat.

In the first 60 days we had the boat, we put 40 hours on it. It is a real ego trip when I pull into a marina or a beach and hear the comments on how nice the boat looks. We are very happy with our first boat purchase and hope that Stingray begins to build bigger boats for when we want to "upgrade" to a larger boat.

Gary and Diane S.
Orlando, FL


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