It is no wonder that Stingray Boats has such a success story. Recently, on my way to Florida, I was fortunate enough to visit their plant. From the time I stepped foot on the property, I was amazed at the excitement in the air. Although I had never met anyone previously, everyone had a "big good mornin' " for me, and I was their guest for several hours.

While waiting to meet Chad Fink for my planned tour, I met with Mike, one their managers, and he showed me true "Southern" hospitality, including the morning coffee. I was fortunate to meet up with Chad who knew all of the staff by their first names, and I sensed he was more than just another manager; he was part of the "Stingray family", as was I for the morning.

They are truly ahead of their time with their production methods and care for the environment; nothing is wasted. I wish their family the best of success. I have two of their products, and this Thanksgiving I was skiing behind one of the boats, which although it is five years old, it still looks and handles like new. Thanks for the time spent with me and my buddy Vic.

Alan Forziati
Fort Lee, NJ


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