In 1995 I decided to purchase a new boat and proceeded to do just that. After looking at virtually every brand, I decided to order one of the first that I had looked at, a 1996 Stingray 729zp (now renamed 240CS). I ordered a loaded model with almost every option, yet the boat still was affordable, and I have not been disappointed.

This has been a fantastic boat that suits me to a "T". Quality and reliability have been excellent, and she really turns heads wherever I take her. The Stingray web site is great, and the Stingray video also influenced my decision to purchase.

At least once a year I spend a few days tied up at "Ego Alley" in Annapolis, Maryland among the large trawlers and sailboats that ply the intracoastal waterway. Even when the basin is filled with much larger boats, my 23'6" Stingray receives many compliments from boaters and non-boaters alike. Perhaps the best of many compliments this October (2000) was "Is that a new boat?" from a captain who pulling in with a much larger vessel.

The Stingray is comfortable to cruise and affordable to refuel with the small-block Merc 5.7L, but still has plenty of kick to get where I need to go. She overnights like a dream; I have spent a week on her in complete comfort. I have been out on rough days when everyone else stays at the dock. I stay warm in cold weather with the full camper canvas and snug at the dock sleeping in the mid-cabin berth while overnighting. I stay dry in the rain and get the max number of weeks out of the boating season.

To anyone considering a Stingray 729zp/240CS, go for it, you will not be disappointed.

C. A. Bell


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