Two years ago I purchased a slightly used 1994 606zpx with the 5.7L Alpha package and through hull exhaust. I love the performance of the boat. It tops out at 61mph by GPS and handles like it's on rails. It is very forgiving to driver error. In addition, it has been a breeze to take care of and still looks virtually new.

Now I am wanting a cabin to get out of the weather and have got my eyes on the 220SX with the Scorpion package (70+mph!!!! WOW!!). I'm torn though because I don't want to part with my 606. Oh well, I'll just keep having fun while I decide. Also, I love to surprise "sport" boats and jet skiers alike with this boat's performance.

To all prospective buyers: you won't find a better value anywhere.

Harry Robinson
Savannah, GA


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