I am now the owner of my second Stingray boat and thought I would write you again. Last year I wrote you about my first Stingray boat, which was a 1996 656ZP that I named Blew-Bayou. Even though it had everything we wanted in a boat, we decided to sell it this spring and buy something less expensive.

After seeing the great resale value of our 656ZP I was delighted to find a 1993 606ZP (we named Blue-By-U) for sale in our local paper and bought it soon afterward. Even though the 606ZP isn't as big (20' instead of 22') and has a 4.3L V6 instead of the 5.7L V8, we love it just the same. Even with the smaller engine I can still hit 50 MPH and have only had to put gas in it to keep it going. I will be sure to look for another Stingray when it is time to replace this one.

Dean Smith
Fishers, IN

P.S. I keep looking for new stories to read on your web site but obviously all the Stingray owners are too busy enjoying their boats to have time to write.


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