I recently purchased a beat up 1994 240CS in poor shape. The past two owners neglected the boat for 7 long years. After only $1200 of materials and 2 months of evening work, I am now the VERY PROUD owner of a georgous powerboat. The engine needed minor tweeking, the glass all needed compounding, polishing and sealing, and the electronics had to be rewired. The work was worth it. I cruise at 23 knots and hit a top speed of 41 mph. The boat handles the ocean very well. I run out 75 miles to troll in the deep water canyons. I don't have to think twice about heading out to open blue.

I am constantly receiving compliments about the boat, how fast it is and how good it sounds. People think it's a brand new boat.

The moral of this story is "These boats are built well." I would recommend a 240CS with the Merc. 5.0L engine with the Alpha one package. The boat is comfortable for my entire family thanks to the abundant seating, mini galley, and bathroom.

Try it, you will like it!

Andrew Marsden
Boston, MA


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