We have owned our 180RS for a little over a year now and are still having a great time with it. We had it out all day yesterday on Lake Tarpon for a family Memorial Day weekend party with friends.

I spent the whole afternoon pulling everything from skiers and knee boarders to one of those inflatable PWC toys with kids ranging from age 6 to 46! Everyone I took out was impressed at how nice our 180 handled and how good it looked.

I have owned several boats and have decided if the next few years with our Stingray go as well as the last one, we will definitely upgrade to a larger Stingray as the kids get older and we need more room!

Thanks for making a great boat - we look forward to many more years of boating with a Stingray! Just a note to all you at Stingray who are keeping tabs on the Tampa Bay area sales... I saw no less than 6 other Stingrays just on Lake Tarpon alone!

Thanks for the enjoyment.

George Lewis
New Port Richey, FL


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