I grew up high-tailing it every weekend to my cottage (that Canadian thing) for water skiing and boating.

Having a family with three kids, I decided that I needed to get back on the water in a big way and get them water skiing. We looked at all kinds of competitive products for our mixed bag of needs and the only boat manufacturer that met our standard was Stingray. The mix of technology, innovation, price, and quality craftsmanship is unapproachable.

We ended up buying our 190RX from Atlantic Marine in Warsaw, VA, three hours from our home in the Washington D.C. area.

I have been so impressed by Atlantic Marine that I have called them for most boat related items that I have needed. Last summer we put our boat through the ringer every weekend on the Chesapeake Bay with its tributaries and we trailered it 12 hours back to my lake cottage in Canada.

The compliments never stop and the performance is sweet! Many people at our marina still canít get over the fact that we can cruise around 45 MPH with 5 people, food and gear, and dog. When the time comes to look at another new boat, Stingray will without question be our first stop. Until then, please donít lose your winning corporate vision!

Donald Kamenz
Fairfax, VA


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