I am a long time lake boater, recently transferred to the Tidewater area. We sold the old Invader 170/150 Merc and upgraded to a new 230LX. The hull was not as deep and the bow not as high as some of the other crafts I considered, so I was a little anxious about my first outing on the big water.

This weekend we took our first trip out of protected water. Day one was 15+ knot headwinds and 2 foot seas plus the wakes generated by departing tankers and other large craft. On our return, after a great overnight, the wind was over 20 knots with following seas and whitecaps. I was impressed with the boat's handling and relative comfort, considering the circumstances. The helm was easy, and it handled the rough water well. I made 22-25 easily in the rough water and avoided all the crab pots enroute. Mileage was good as well, averaging a little over 4 mpg. Pretty impressive for a boat designed for speed.

Of course, where it's calm I can fly by most of the jet skis. What a smile. In short, it's a great craft and a nice upgrade for us.

Jay & Joan Davis
Stingray 230LX - 350MPI

Virginia Beach, VA


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