In 1997, my family and I decided to give up quads and get into boating. We looked at plenty of different makes and one day we saw a Stingray. After looking at the boat, a video, and the literature, we were really impressed. That November (after looking at Bayliners, Maxums, Mirages, etc.), we purchased a '97 190LS with a 4.3 V6. We love the boat and get compliments all the time for its styling and speed.

We first boated ourselves that Thanksgiving day in 1997 and have boated all through last year. From Puget Sound to Moses Lake, the Columbia River and our favorite summer spot, Alder Lake. The fastest we've had it up to was an indicated 57 mph when a Bayliner thought it could catch us on Moses Lake. The boat handles great, has never missed a beat while running and we would recommend one to anybody.

We LOVE our boat!

Harold, Kari & Eric Doubet
Puyallup, WA


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