In May of 1999 we purchased a 1999 190RS, from JMM Marine in Ocala, FL. After seeing the video, wearing the page number off the brochure, combing the web site, and hearing all the other good stuff Jason and his staff at JMM had to say, it was a done deal.

The boat is gorgeous, and taking a tight turn at 35 mph without the least bit of skip is incredible. People constantly comment on its quality and good looks, whether at the ramp or on the water. For the money, you can't beat it.

After talking to Jason, we decided to get the 190 over the 180. Man, the room is incredible. We have surely been blessed - the boat is as good as Jason and his crew at JMM Marine said. Look forward to many happy years with Stingray Powerboats.

Thanks for giving myself and my wife and two children awesome family time together. Also, thanks for the opportunity to let future customers know how proud we are to be Stingray owners.


John Kemp & Family
Ocala FL


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