Hi, I am now purchasing my THIRD Stingray. I have owned a 1996 729zp (maroon and white), a 1994 658zpx (teal and white), and now another 1994 658zpx (blue and white). I have covered all the color combinations.

Why three so close together? I moved to Hawaii for three years. The 729zp was a dreamboat, but I sold her and managed to find a Stingray in Hawaii after 2 1/2 years of looking. The 658zpx I owned there was sweet and would absolutely move! Six months later a surprise move, so I sold her (and made money!). I just could not contemplate a boating season without a Stingray, so I just cut a deal yesterday for ANOTHER 1994 Stingray 658zpx. The performance, reliability, design, and handling made it impossible to contemplate any other brand. Some other brands are "nice", but Stingrays are way out front.

C. Bell
Crofton, MD


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