I have owned Stingray Boats since 1985. My first Stingray was a SBV176. I loved it and enjoyed it for almost 10 years. My trade in value was unbelievable. A lot more than I expected. Then I purchased the 609 cuddy with ZP hull. To this day the boat is the envy of all. Except for routine maintenance, the boat is worry free and has never let me down. I stare out my window and still can't believe I own this boat.

I love and brag about my Stingray like I just bought it again. It still looks new and works like new. Many people have made me offers to buy it. NOT ON YOUR LIFE. I will never own anything but Stingray.

Start laughing at the competition cause nothing compares to the quality and excellence of a Stingray. I could go on forever about my Stingray. You have a customer for life.

Roland Lawler
Biddeford, ME


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