We bought our first boat in 1996, a 200CS (609zp then). We wanted a boat we could do everything with - fish, tube, camp, etc. We get out 20 times per year and have 'splashed down' in 16 different lakes, three rivers and Puget Sound. We freely recommend our Stingray cuddy to boat shoppers because of its exceptional performance and utilization of space (hi, Oscar!). In retrospect, we think the Stingray was still the best choice, but now we're ready to move into a 22 or 23-footer. We'll be taking a close look at a 220CX in a few weeks.

Last summer's big trip was to Lake Roosevelt in eastern Washington. It is one of the many dammed sections of the Columbia River and is 125 miles long. We spent a week living on the beach, exploring, tubing, skiing, fishing, and zooming up and down the lake. A great trip and fuel usage for the whole week was 4.1 gph.

Hey, any other Stingray owners in the Northwest want to rendezvous?

Mark Snell
Puyallup, Washington


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