As a first time boat owner, we purchased your 190LS Volvo-Penta 4.3 V6-190hp I/O eight passenger bowrider. We wanted to ski, tube and simply enjoy the lakes, the coastline and nearby islands. This boat leaves us with nothing to be desired. Its speed of 56mph, eight passenger comfort and range of around 220 miles, coupled with its reliability, has us so excited, we smile just looking at it parked in the driveway.

So happy and content over being a new Stingray boat owner, (like a boy with a new toy), I've put together a video of the boat on the lake under very nice conditions. If you don't think I'm a satisfied customer, picture this. When I'm not on the lake or out in the ocean, I'm in front of my computer watching the video.

In love with our new boat? You bet! And here's a little bolt-on performance tip I'd like to pass on! We purchased what is commonly called a "whale's tail." This little goodie has our boat planed in just TWO SECONDS!

Video has 30 frames per second (ntsc) and as we watched the computer in slow motion, even counting the frames from throttle up - to bow down, 60 frames had passed. Only TWO SECONDS and this thing was movin' on! To be most efficient, you need your thumb on the trim switch as soon as you throttle up so you can start the trim action right away. WHAT A ROCKET!

I can't wait for some healthy sounding V8 to come along side and throw a little rev. If the sheer looks alone of this boat sitting in the water hasn't earned his respect, then maybe the back end of this sharp lookin' boat will. You know, the end that says . . . "STINGRAY!"

Last but not least, we wouldn't be proud owners of our 190LS if it weren't for the fine folks at CENTRAL COAST WATERSPORTS in Paso Robles, CA. We didn't mind driving 2.5 hours north to pick up our boat after being treated so kindly and professionally by Wyman, Karen, Jeff and Rielly. In the area? 805-434-3800.

20 years of fine boat building by STINGRAY! Man! Where have I been?!

Tim Wildman
Santa Barbara


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