You may not be known for sportboats, but people are still impressed when they ride in my '95 696 ZP (I believe it's actually the SVX hull). Whether I take a group of 10 people out for a cruise, or a couple buddies out for a hot run (70MPH on GPS with a 454 Mag), it's very versatile, and the styling still looks great. I've taken some long river trips, and with a cruise speed near 50 MPH at the most efficient 3000 - 3500 rpm, gas mileage, speed, and range compared to other boats is also impressive.

It's a small boat for Lake of the Ozarks, another area where I use it, but it has held up well under the severe conditions one can encounter on that lake! Only complaints are cockpit bench seat padding going flat (have to step on it to get in or out) and too much flex in the hull (windshield has fallen thru a couple times - must be why most sportboats have closed decks). I keep it in excellent shape, and see no reason why I won't keep it for 10 - 12 years, other than sucumbing to a case of five-foot-itis.

Marty Huggins
St. Louis MO


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