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Radar Performance Comparison

Use this calculator to compare real-time performance graphs on different model, motor, propeller, and load combinations. This real-time data was collected using Stalker Radar connected to a laptop running special software.

Top speed runs are taken with the boat running at full speed toward a stationary radar gun from two directions. With the radar unit set up on a stationary platform and not in the boat, tests have proven to be more accurate and more repeatable.

Acceleration tests are taken with the boat running away from the radar gun and are represented by a curved line starting at zero.

Ski Tests are taken to compare the boat's performance using different propellers pulling a skier. For accuracy and repeatability in the ski test, a certified ski drone is used to simulate the load of an average-weight slalom skier. Ski tests are performed from a standing start in deep water with the boat loaded as indicated in each test.

Tests shown are for information only and may not represent the performance of your particular model boat.

Select a model from the drop-down menu below.

Model: Type of Test: Motor:

Select the models to compare by checking the box in the left-hand column. Then click the 'Graph' button at the bottom of the page to view the selected tests.
Model Motor Drive Propeller RPM Test Type PPL Date Comments
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1517" Spitfire5900Acceleration22014-11-04
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0017" Reliance6100Acceleration22014-11-04
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0716" Vensura6000Acceleration92014-10-29
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0019" Turbo6100Acceleration22014-11-04
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0017" Yam Alm6100Acceleration22014-11-04
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0017" Reliance6100Acceleration92014-11-04
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0017" Yam Alm6100Acceleration92014-11-04
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0018" Reliance6000Acceleration92014-11-04
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Black Max5900Acceleration22014-11-11
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1514" Talon6000Acceleration92014-11-04
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1514" Talon6200Acceleration22014-11-04
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1517" Spitfire5700Acceleration92014-11-04
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1515" Spitfire6200Acceleration92014-11-04
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1515" Spitfire6300Acceleration22014-11-04
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0714" Talon6190Acceleration22014-10-30
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1517" Yam Alm6400Acceleration22014-11-04
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0714" Talon6190Acceleration92014-10-30
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1517" Yam Alm6200Acceleration92014-11-04
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0717" Spitfire5820Acceleration92014-10-29
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0717" Black Max5800Acceleration92014-10-29
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0018" Reliance6100Acceleration22014-11-04
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Black Max5720Acceleration92014-11-11
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Turbo5900Acceleration22014-11-11
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Turbo5560Acceleration92014-11-11
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0717" Turbo6140Acceleration12014-10-06
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Enertia5360Acceleration92014-11-11
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0717" Spitfire6140Acceleration12014-10-06
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0715" Spitfire6170Acceleration12014-10-06
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0717" Black Max6140Acceleration12014-10-06
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9220" Enertia5820Acceleration22014-11-11
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Enertia5850Acceleration22014-11-11
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Black Max5720Top End Run92014-11-11
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1517" Spitfire5700Top End Run92014-11-04
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1517" Spitfire5900Top End Run22014-11-04
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1517" Yam Alm6400Top End Run22014-11-04
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1517" Yam Alm6200Top End Run92014-11-04
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Black Max5900Top End Run22014-11-11
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0018" Reliance6100Top End Run22014-11-04
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0017" Yam Alm6100Top End Run92014-11-04
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Turbo5560Top End Run92014-11-11
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0019" Turbo6100Top End Run22014-11-04
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9220" Enertia5820Top End Run22014-11-11
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0017" Reliance6100Top End Run92014-11-04
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0017" Yam Alm6100Top End Run22014-11-04
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0017" Reliance6100Top End Run22014-11-04
192SCYam 2.7 150hpOB/2.0018" Reliance6000Top End Run92014-11-04
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Enertia5360Top End Run92014-11-11
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Enertia5850Top End Run22014-11-11
192SCMerc 3.0 150hpOB/1.9219" Turbo5900Top End Run22014-11-11
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1514" Talon6000Top End Run92014-11-04
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0717" Black Max6140Top End Run12014-10-06
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0717" Turbo6140Top End Run12014-10-06
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1514" Talon6200Top End Run22014-11-04
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1515" Spitfire6200Top End Run92014-11-04
192SCYam 1.8 115hpOB/2.1515" Spitfire6300Top End Run22014-11-04
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0714" Talon6190Top End Run22014-10-30
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0714" Talon6190Top End Run92014-10-30
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0717" Spitfire5820Top End Run92014-10-29
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0717" Black Max5800Top End Run92014-10-29
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0716" Vensura6000Top End Run92014-10-29
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0717" Spitfire6140Top End Run12014-10-14
192SCMerc 2.1 115hpOB/2.0715" Spitfire6170Top End Run12014-10-06


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