Stingray History

March 1979
Stingray is founded by Al Fink with a couple of molds and a few skilled craftsmen. Several months later, the first Stingray boat is built.

Thermwood Machine

July 1985
Stingray is the first boat company using CAD driven CNC flat bed routers in-house to efficiently produce custom high quality production parts.

August 1988
Stingray is the first boat company to use computer generated, CNC cut frames to produce masters for prototyping new products.

February 1989
Stingray builds the first powerboat with its patented Z-Plane Hull. Ten years later, Z-Plane hulls are still the most efficient V-hull made, period.

Overhead Tram System June 1989
Stingray is the first boat company using robotics lamination in the marine industry.

November 1991
Stingray receives ZP Hull Patent # US5063868: Boat hull for V-bottom powerboats.

5 Axis Milling Machine

August 1993
Stingray installs the first 5-axis CNC water-jet used for trimming fiberglass parts. This process lowers cost by increasing cut quality and reducing cycle times.

Water Jet Machine

December 1994
Stingray is the first boat manufacturer with in house multi-axes CNC equipment for producing full scale tooling.

March 1995
Stingray is the first boat manufacturer to publish marine web page.

May 1996
Stingray installs the marine industry's first and America's largest CNC flat bed water jet cutting system. This machine is used to cut flat goods such as upholstery vinyl, headliners, carpet, and custom rubber gaskets to replace silicone used to install external deck and hull components.

June 1998
Stingray is first to use environmentally friendly low VOC gelcoats and low VOC resins in the Laminator manufacture of all fiberglass parts including decks, hulls, and components.

July 1998
Stingray is the first marine manufacturer to use process automation with digital and analog technology to constantly monitor the critical quality control process connected with the manufacturing of fiberglass parts.

Drum Recycling

Stingray is a leader in the area of marine environmental recycling. Stingray's current recycling programs include cardboard, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, steel drums, upholstery foam and motor crates.

February 1999
Stingray unveils the most interactive web site in the marine industry. Features include interactive pricing, searchable dealer inventories, a boat locator, MSRP window stickers, online quote requests, and more!

January 2001
Stingray launches the first unmoderated marine forum, allowing owners to communicate with each other, as well as with Stingray and their dealers.

July 2003
Stingray released the 2004 195LR, the first V-6 powered, stern drive boat to exceed 60 mph.

Stingray finds its first boat, built in 1979, still located in Hartsville, SC. The boat is purchased from the wife of the original owner, and a side project is undertaken to restore the boat to its original condition in time for Stingray's 25th anniversary. Boating Life's May 2005 issue features a story titled Rags to Rigs that tells the story of Stingray boat #001.

January 2004
Stingray is the first boat manufacturer to achieve Mercury Marine's Certified Manufacturer status. This program ensures improved manufacturing efficiencies, which results in improved product quality and increased customer satisfaction. 25-year Logo

Stingray celebrates 25 years of quality boat building. After all these years, Stingray is still an independent builder ran by president and founder, Al Fink.

March 2006
With the addition of Maadi Trading Co. in Cairo, Egypt, Stingray is represented worldwide with dealers in 10 countries, including Australia, Denmark, Germany, Russia, and Canada.

October 2006
Stingray adds a new flagship cruiser, the 250CS, to its line. The all-new, larger-yet-trailerable, 250CS mid-cabin cruiser joins the Stingray fleet for the 2007 model year.

March 2007
International sales topped 36% of total sales for the first quarter of 2007, a record for Stingray.


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