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mountain lake Throughout its history, Stingray Powerboats has "marched to the beat of a different drum". While other manufacturers have relied on conventional methods and the technology of the day, Stingray has always searched for the unconventional ... with a look toward tomorrow. This has been true as evidenced by our many "firsts" in the industry such as our zp-hull, our state of the art robotic-driven production facility, and our comprehensive web site.

Stingray is setting the standard, being the only U.S. boat manufacturer that used new low styrene laminating resins and gelcoats in all its 1999 products. These new materials (not available until 1999) meet California's strict environmental Rule 1162. The combination of these low VOC materials earth image coupled with the latest in low pressure, high temperature spray equipment has reduced Stingray's stack emissions per boat by more than 30%.

Every new Stingray is equipped with a fuel vent surge protector -- a simple solution to venting fuel tanks without spillage. This innovation helps avoid refueling spills which contaminate our lakes and rivers. Stingray uses 4-cycle engines for power, which can be four to ten times cleaner than 2-cycle outboards, not to mention being more fuel efficient. Better fuel efficiency translates into less fuel consumption but more importantly, less carbon dioxide emission.

Forklift hauling cardboard for recycling. As we prepare to enter the new millennium, that same "drum" has led us to focus on the development of environmentally friendly products and advanced technologies that lead to lower per boat emissions, greater fuel efficiency and reduced waste ... all of which add up to a cleaner environment.

Being a leader in marine environmental technology is more than just a philosophy -- it's a commitment designed to help ensure the preservation of our natural resources for generations to come. Production initiatives are already underway making all of our models even more ozone friendly. These initiatives, although more costly, are just some of the ways Stingray is helping to protect our fragile ecosystem.

drum image

Stingray is committed to an aggressive recycling program. Waste materials such as cardboard, composites, foam, stainless steel, plastics, aluminum, pallets and metal drums never find their way to the landfill. Instead they are recycled for reuse. Last year Stingray recycled over 100,000 pounds of cardboard alone! The preservation of landfill space is just another example of Stingray's commitment to energy conservation and waste reduction.

As a boater, you too can play a part in helping to protect our fragile environment. Our Boaters and the Environment page contains information that will help you become an environmentally friendly boater.


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