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  • Benefits of Using K100 Fuel Treatment grey arrow Eliminates water and all water-related problems spacergrey arrow Cleans engines and fuel system for better mileage, easier starting, smoother idle, more power and better acceleration grey arrow Increases cetane/octane ratings 1-1/2 to 2 points grey arrow Improves overall engine efficiency for more miles/gallon/hour grey arrow Reduces emissions, black smoke and oil fumes grey arrow Lubricates fuel systems, and burns cleanly and completely leaving no ash deposits grey arrow Stabilizes fuel and keeps it fresh grey arrow Prevents phase separation in E-10 fuel grey arrow Prevents microbe growth in diesel fuel grey arrow Replaces lost lubricity in LSD, ULSD, Off-Road and K-1 winter blend fuels grey arrow Reduces maintenance costs and downtime grey arrow Use K100-D or K100-MD for diesel, K100-G or K100-MG for gasoline bottles